Flavor Trend Highlight: Mango

Prinova’s R&D and marketing teams continuously research trends, evaluate markets, and work with customers to identify and deliver on-trend flavors that satisfy consumer demands. We’re proud to provide this valuable trendspotting resource to our customers. This year, we compiled a list of flavors we expect to see popping up on store shelves and in consumer homes. January’s flavor focus is on mango!

Mangoes are a juicy stone fruit produced from tropical trees, native to South Asia, with India and Pakistan claiming it as a national fruit. It features a creamy but fruity taste with floral, terpeny, and sweet flavors.

Mangoes are used in many different ways. Mentions of this fruity flavor can be found on 21.17% of US menus. Product launches with mango flavors have increased more than 240% over the past decade.  In 2019 alone, 455 of these products were launched in the US.

Notable Product Launches

  • Angry Seltzer Mad Mango Highly Carbonated Sparkling Water
  • Bowmar Nutrition Spicy Mango Pre-Workout
  • Just Society Mango Flavored Brewed Black Tea with CBD

Please watch this space next month when we reveal what our second flavor of the year is! In the meantime, if you have any topics that you would like to see covered here, or have any other flavor-related needs, reach out to us at the link below.

Sources: Innova Market Insights, Restaurant Business Online