Functional premix supplier Prinova US LLC (Carol Stream, IL) is partnering with a cognitive-health-focused biotechnology company called SLS Nutraceuticals, a subsidiary of Senescence Life Sciences (Singapore), to bring a patent-pending line of brain-health ingredients to the U.S. market. The ingredients are GRAS affirmed and ready for market entry.

The flagship ingredient is a proprietary ingredient blend called NeuroBloom. It comprises Centella asiatica, Korean ginseng, selenium, D-alpha-tocopherol, and alpha-lipoic acid. The line also includes two additional blends—NeuroScope and NeuroZone—designed for the needs of e-Gamers and mixed martial art (MMA) athletes, respectively.

The ingredients have so far been clinically studied in a pilot trial. The company says that NeuroBloom “address[es] multiple facets of cognitive performance and brain health, with the ultimate goal of delaying cognitive decline associated with stress, lack of sleep, and aging.”

In a press release, Shawn Watson, PhD, a neuroscientist and the founder of SLS Nutraceuticals, said, “While we have exciting initial data, our research isn’t finished yet. Our next round of double-blind trials are significantly larger and will look beyond cognition and into improvements in stress levels, sleep quality, and mood. Similar to our pilot studies, we look to continue seeing consistent improvements in cognitive scores across a variety of domains ranging from executive function and emotional identification to spatial memory and flexible thinking.”

Prinova will produce the proprietary ingredient blends in house at its facility, where it will also handle distribution. “Our new partnership with Prinova gives us access to not only one of the world’s leading manufacturers but also a team of innovative professionals with a deep understanding of consumer trends, and the ability to provide a suite of tailored products to their clients,” said Watson in a press release. “As our solution spans everyone from 25-year-old gamers, who eat poorly and sleep less, to senior citizens worried about age-related memory decline, we needed a partner who knew how to effectively communicate the benefits of our products to a broad consumer base.”

Watson also described in general how the ingredient works. “Factors such as stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and aging cause a slow build-up of damage in our brain, which impacts our cognitive capabilities and how we perform at work and home. One of the first neurological components to be damaged are the lipids (fats) that make up about 60% of our brain. Our technology is centered around repairing and recycling these lipids to promote long-term brain health and provide a non-stimulant solution to increase cognitive performance.”