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Founded as a starch syrup manufacturer in 1883, Hayashibara has developed a strong research and development expertise, engaging in original and creative research. Utilizing a technical background in functional ingredients, Hayashibara has developed a wide range of products. As a subsidiary of Nagase, Hayashibara offerings through Prinova bring in-house ingredient manufacturing technology into our offering.


A naturally-occurring multifunctional ingredient with unique properties and benefits, like moisture retention and flavor enhancement. From bakery, to frozen foods, to fresh fruit, Treha™ helps foods stay fresher longer!


Sunmalt is a high purity maltose, produced by the enzymatic processing of starch. Sunmalt can be used in a wide range of applications including Flavors, Tablets, Seasoning, and Glazes.


CitraPeak is a premium, clinically studied form of glucosyl hesperidin. As the industries first 100% soluble form of hesperidin, CitraPeak activates quickly, making it an ideal, one-of-a-kind pump ingredient for pre-workout applications.


Pullulan is a natural, water soluble polysaccharide used to create strong, transparent, edible films.

Fresh red apple slices with green leave on white dish.
Avocado sandwich