Emerald Kalama Appoints Prinova Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients Distributor in Southeast Asia

Emerald Kalama Chemical appointed Prinova, a company of the Nagase Group, as a distributor in Southeast Asia for its portfolio of Kalama Aroma Chemicals.

This partnership will leverage Emerald Kalama’s product quality, Prinova’s expertise in the flavor and fragrance market and Nagase’s expansive warehousing and transportation network in the region.

Prinova-Nagase will represent the Emerald portfolio of flavors & fragrance ingredients in the following countries: Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

“As leaders and global suppliers in the industry, it is essential to have the right strategic partners around the world. With the recent acquisition by Nagase, Prinova represents a strong partner with aligned goals for growth in Southeast Asia. This collaboration will allow us to leverage our long-standing relationship with Prinova in North America as we continue supporting the F&F market globally. We are excited to work together to elevate our promotion and service in this region,” said Catherine Rémy, global sales director for Emerald’s consumer specialties business.

“The aroma market in Southeast Asia is poised to grow at high single digit CAGR in the next five years. Emerald partnership allows Prinova-Nagase to offer high quality specialty products to meet demand growth in this sub-region,” said Bill Palagonia, general manager for Prinova aromas.

Emerald’s portfolio of specialty ingredients are REACH-compliant and allow Prinova - Nagase customers to meet regulatory requirements as well as consumer demand for products with health and safety profiles.

Emerald is a global producer of cinnamic chemistries, benzyl benzoate, Lilestralis and benzyl alcohol. These products are manufactured to consistently high quality standards at Emerald’s operations in the United States and Europe, using management schemes certified under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

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Prinova Partners with Open Book Extracts to Provide Premium CBD Product Development Services, Launches HydroBond CBD™ Water-Soluble Ingredients

CAROL STREAM, Ill., March 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prinova, a leading supplier of high-quality ingredients, flavors and nutrient premixes announced a new partnership with Open Book Extracts, a premier CBD ingredient manufacturer. Through this partnership, they are launching HydroBond CBD™, a new line of water-soluble CBD ingredients developed and processed in-house at Prinova, using Open Book Extracts’ premium hemp-derived CBD ingredients. The two companies will collaborate in the product development and formulation of solutions for CBD consumer products, utilizing the increased performance of HydroBond CBD™ in liquid solution and powder RTM applications.

Prinova’s partnership with Open Book Extracts comes amid a rapidly growing CBD industry, where quality and transparency are paramount to earning consumers’ confidence and trust. HydroBond CBD™ has unique benefits over traditional CBD ingredient forms, offering the ability to blend effectively and deliver neutral taste. Consumer demand for a “clean label” is also being addressed, particularly in the patent-pending HydroBond CBD™ Powder, which utilizes Acacia Fiber as the sole carrier.

“CBD is poised to be a major disruptive force across a number of markets, and new ingredient technologies that optimize CBD delivery are going to be a key part of this transition,” said Dan Force, director of marketing and innovation at Prinova. “We are excited to work with Open Book Extracts in delivering the top technology in this space with quality and traceability.”

Don Thorp, president of Prinova, elaborated on the need for traceability. “Quality and safety are central to any product we supply, and Open Book Extracts’ standards have surpassed that of what we’ve seen in the market to date,” said Thorp. “Prinova is delighted to work with Open Book Extracts  to support brands bringing hemp-derived CBD products to market that adhere to our high quality and safety standards.”

Open Book Extracts’ products are tested internally at each step of the extraction and refinement process and then by licensed third-party laboratories to ensure the quality, consistency and safety of all products.

Customers will further benefit from the combined exceptional teams at Prinova and Open Book Extracts, who support the entire product development life cycle from concept to complete formulation. The teams include Prinova’s flavor and formulation lab experts and Open Book Extracts’ industry-leading authorities on all aspects of CBD production and innovation.

“Open Book Extracts delivers premium products, best-in-breed formulation support, exceptional service and industry-leading transparency for all current and aspiring CBD companies,” said Dave Neundorfer, CEO of Open Book Extracts. “Prinova’s long-standing reputation of supplying ingredients to trusted household brands aligns with our mission, and together, we are excited to serve the needs of the CBD industry.”

About Prinova

Since 1978, Prinova has been a leader in providing high-quality ingredients, flavors and value-added nutrient fortification products to the global food, feed and wellness industries. Prinova holds strategic stocks in 15 distribution centers around the world to ensure continuity of supply and is the leading global supplier of Vitamin C, B and food-grade Amino Acids. The company also has a team of application and technical specialists within its R&D and Quality Laboratory to help customers develop, improve and enhance the taste and function of its products. Prinova’s facilities are BRC certified. The company’s main corporate office is in Carol Stream, Ill., with the European head office in the United Kingdom. Additional regional offices are located throughout the United States as well as global sales associates in Mexico, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Turkey and China.

About Open Book Extracts

Headquartered in North Carolina, Open Book Extracts manufactures superior hemp-derived CBD ingredients that serve as the foundation for safe and highly effective ingestible and topical CBD products. With a state-of-the-art processing facility, a pharma-grade extraction and purification team, an industry-leading product development and formulation team, and experienced professionals from a range of relevant industries, OBX looks forward to partnering with CPGs and chained retailers to bring market-leading CBD products to life. For more information, visit www.openbookextracts.com.

Media Contacts:

Prinova – Zach Savino - Zach.Savino@prinovaUSA.com
Open Book Extracts - media@openbookextracts.com


New ingredient NeuroBloom targets overall brain health, plus spin-offs for e-Gamers and MMA athletes

Functional premix supplier Prinova US LLC (Carol Stream, IL) is partnering with a cognitive-health-focused biotechnology company called SLS Nutraceuticals, a subsidiary of Senescence Life Sciences (Singapore), to bring a patent-pending line of brain-health ingredients to the U.S. market. The ingredients are GRAS affirmed and ready for market entry.

The flagship ingredient is a proprietary ingredient blend called NeuroBloom. It comprises Centella asiatica, Korean ginseng, selenium, D-alpha-tocopherol, and alpha-lipoic acid. The line also includes two additional blends—NeuroScope and NeuroZone—designed for the needs of e-Gamers and mixed martial art (MMA) athletes, respectively.

The ingredients have so far been clinically studied in a pilot trial. The company says that NeuroBloom “address[es] multiple facets of cognitive performance and brain health, with the ultimate goal of delaying cognitive decline associated with stress, lack of sleep, and aging.”

In a press release, Shawn Watson, PhD, a neuroscientist and the founder of SLS Nutraceuticals, said, “While we have exciting initial data, our research isn’t finished yet. Our next round of double-blind trials are significantly larger and will look beyond cognition and into improvements in stress levels, sleep quality, and mood. Similar to our pilot studies, we look to continue seeing consistent improvements in cognitive scores across a variety of domains ranging from executive function and emotional identification to spatial memory and flexible thinking.”

Prinova will produce the proprietary ingredient blends in house at its facility, where it will also handle distribution. “Our new partnership with Prinova gives us access to not only one of the world’s leading manufacturers but also a team of innovative professionals with a deep understanding of consumer trends, and the ability to provide a suite of tailored products to their clients,” said Watson in a press release. “As our solution spans everyone from 25-year-old gamers, who eat poorly and sleep less, to senior citizens worried about age-related memory decline, we needed a partner who knew how to effectively communicate the benefits of our products to a broad consumer base.”

Watson also described in general how the ingredient works. “Factors such as stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and aging cause a slow build-up of damage in our brain, which impacts our cognitive capabilities and how we perform at work and home. One of the first neurological components to be damaged are the lipids (fats) that make up about 60% of our brain. Our technology is centered around repairing and recycling these lipids to promote long-term brain health and provide a non-stimulant solution to increase cognitive performance.”

Prinova Acquisition

Prinova Group, LLC Agrees to Acquisition by Nagase Group

Combination Creates Unique Food Ingredient Manufacturing & Distribution Offering with a Truly Global Reach

CAROL STREAM, Ill.– Prinova Group LLC, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of premium nutritional ingredients for the global food and wellness industries, today announced that it has agreed to be acquired by Nagase & Co. Ltd. The combination with Nagase Group, a diversified Japanese chemical trading firm founded in 1832, will create a unique food ingredient manufacturing and distribution offering that marries Prinova’s renowned expertise with Nagase’s truly global footprint.

Though Prinova will be owned by Nagase, its brand, mission and core offerings will remain consistent. The acquisition enables Nagase – which already has a strong brand in Asia – to expand its footprint in North America and Europe, harnessing Prinova’s expertise to serve a broader market. For Prinova, this means a larger operational scale and the pursuit of new business opportunities around the world.

“Prinova is among the world’s largest distributors and providers of functional ingredients and integrated nutritional solutions to food, beverage and wellness brands but we have always had a broader vision – to make a larger global impact by helping our customers grow their brands and improve their customers’ quality of life,” said Don Thorp, President of Prinova USA. “As we discussed a possible combination with Nagase, we quickly realized that its global infrastructure, desire to increase its footprint in the food and nutritional ingredients space, and above all else, its commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety, made this an ideal opportunity for our company to realize its vision. We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership will provide for our customers and dedicated employees.”

Following the transaction’s close, Prinova’s current worldwide leadership team will remain in place and, within Nagase’s infrastructure, will continue to oversee the strategic growth and overall quality of the Prinova brand.

“This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our continued effort to expand Nagase Group’s global footprint in a high value-added business,” said Kenji Asakura, President and CEO of Nagase Group. “The addition of Prinova’s expertise, unique positioning, and portfolio offering enables us to expand our food and nutrition ingredients value chain in North America, Europe and also in Asia.”

“In Nagase, we have found a parent company that shares many of our cultural characteristics and values, including a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and sustainability,” Thorp said. “Nagase has a tradition of helping companies develop the organisational infrastructure needed to expand their operations while providing them the freedom to run independently. It also understands the value we place on independence and innovation and is enthusiastic about the business and culture we have built.”

The companies expect the transaction to close within 60 days.

About Nagase Group

Nagase Group is a leading chemical trading firm in Japan founded in 1832. Nagase Group has continued to expand its business by enhancing value-added functions/services such as manufacturing, processing and R&D capabilities. In 2012, Hayashibara, a well-known Japanese company with strong R&D expertise in biotechnology actively developing and manufacturing functional food ingredients joined Nagase Group. Today, Nagase Group owns more than 100 group companies around the globe, manufacturing and distributing various products such as resins, functional polymers, plastic products, electronic materials, functional food and pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.

About Prinova

Since 1978, Prinova has been a leader in providing high-quality ingredients, flavors and value-added nutrient fortification products to the global food, feed and wellness industries. Prinova operates 6 plants and holds strategic stocks in 35+ distribution centers around the world to ensure continuity of supply and is the leading global supplier of Vitamin C, B and food grade Amino Acids. The company also has a team of application and technical specialists within their R&D and Quality Laboratory to help customers develop, improve, and enhance the taste and function of their products. Prinova’s facilities are BRC certified. The company’s main corporate office is in Carol Stream, Illinois with the European head office in the United Kingdom and a regional office in Canada. Additional regional offices are located throughout the United States as well as global sales associates in Mexico, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Australia, Turkey and China.