Mint Market Update

Mentha Arvensis

Current Situation
Production: The plantation has begun and is expected to produce a good yield. The weather has been favorable in supporting the planted fields.
Supply: There are carryover stocks available, but with shipment delays and rising freight rates it is optimal to have inventory levels of 1-2 months in stock.
Demand: The global demand has slowed down. Cornmint DMO is tight and keeping the market stable.
Pricing: The INR is weaker than the USD causing unfavorable export prices. However, Mentha Arvesis pricing has been stable for the last 30 days.

Future Outlook
Production: Rain is expected early this year, whereby farmers are hopeful for well-nourished crops.
Supply: There are limited carryover stocks available, planto have 1-2 months of inventory on hand.
Demand: The demand for menthol is seemingly stable.
Pricing: We anticipate freight rate increases until Q3 when empty containers can return, and raw material increases due to currency fluctuations.

MCX Price Development

MCX Price Development
MCX Price Development (December 2020 – March 2021)

Mentha Piperita

Current Situation
Production: The new crop harvest will commence at the end of April/early May.
Supply: The previous crop was not large and there are limited amounts of carryover stock.
Demand: The global demand is minimal.
Pricing: We anticipate a decline in pricing.