Aromas Quality and Regulatory Systems

Prinova Aromas ensures top quality for all our product categories. Our in-house quality control testing allows us to ensure the quality delivered is the quality expected time after time. All products being received have samples pulled for quality control analysis at our Carol Stream Facility.

Prinova is a full quality control and quality assurance certified facility. Confirmation is provided to customers upon receipt into a Prinova facility. All quality and regulatory documents are available to Prinova Aromas customers. Full transparency and traceability is promised.

Prinova Aromas offers certified organic essential oils. We offer materials based on the manufacturer’s organic certification. This documentation can be provided to Prinova Aromas customers upon request.

Quality and Regulatory Systems, Programs, and Capabilities

Analytical Capabilities

  • HPLC
  • UPLC
  • ICP for Assay FTIR
  • GC for ID

Documentation Systems

  • Docuware
  • LIMS

ERP System

  • Full Product traceability through ERP system

Third Party Certifications

  • BRC Certified Grade AA
  • Safe Feed / Safe Food Certified
  • FDA Inspected
BRCGS Food Safety Certificated
Safe Feed Safe Food

Our experienced in-house R&D experts will help you break new ground with emerging aromas and proprietary solutions, and our quality control team will ensure that every batch meets your precise specifications for quality, purity, and performance. Reach out to us today to find out how Prinova Aromas can be the source for your senses.

Female Scientist Working in The Laboratory, Using a Microscope