Transparency & Traceability. Guaranteed.

Our vision is to make a bigger global impact by helping our customers grow their business, by improving consumers’ quality of life, and by advancing the highest principles of quality, safety and sustainability.

Our industry experience, global footprint, strong supplier relationships, quality systems, product knowledge, outstanding customer service and product traceability and transparency deliver value to our customers on a global level.

Essential oils and aroma chemicals are helping manufacturers win over consumers of everything from oil diffusers and air fresheners to seltzers and smoothies. Prinova can help you seize the opportunity to develop the best products for consumers in aromatherapy, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household products, and beyond.

Quality you can trace, experts you can trust

Leveraging our in-house experience, including experts with three generations of aroma experience, we offer numerous advantages such as:

Strong Supply Chain - Globe

Stronger Supplier Chain

Prinova has strong, direct relationships with our partner network of farmers, distillers and manufacturers, backed by our purchasing power as a leading industry supplier of 2000+ ingredients. This ensures quality, transparency, and reliable access to in-demand ingredients.

Market Insights

Real-time market insights

Because our history and relationships, we have real-time insight into crop supply and production status. This means you get actionable business intelligence, as well as peace of mind on supply and cost control.

Quality Control

In-house quality and analytical lab work

Prinova Aromas ensures top quality for all our product categories. Our in-house quality control testing allows us to ensure the quality delivered is the quality expected time after time. All quality and regulatory documents are available to Prinova Aromas customers. Full transparency and traceability is promised.

Our Essential Oil Story

Prinova has an extensive partner farm network with exclusive relationships with growers and distillers from various parts of the world:

  • Deep supplier relationships
  • Transparency and Traceability from the native species

Product Categories

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Pure and Natural

Aroma Chemicals

Aroma Chemicals


Customer Segments

  • Flavor Houses
  • Fragrance Houses
  • Aromatherapy/Nutritional Blends
  • Personal Care
  • Food/Beverage Companies
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Repellants
  • Feed
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